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August 28, 2008

Dragonflyer X6 is the Most Awesome Remote Control Helicopter Ever. Has GPS, Night Vision, Auto-Pilot, Wireless HD Video

Dragonflyer X6

Sure, we've seen various GPS-equipped remote control vehicles before, but the Dragonflyer X6 is the most incredible remote controlled aerial vehicle (short of a military-grade combat UAV) yet.

The Dragonflyer X6 can fly indoors and out, comfortably handle 18MPH headwinds, be fitted with digital still, wireless video, or night vision cameras, and can maintain a flight pattern using its on-board GPS. Oh, and did I mention the wireless video goggles that let you see what the X6 sees?

Read on for more photos, details, and pricing info.

Dragonflyer X6 Handheld Flight Controller

The "Handheld Flight Controller" displays real-time flight data on the integrated 2.8-inch OLED touchscreen display.

Anti-Vibration Camera Mount

The optional anti-vibration camera mount is specially designed to reduce vibration. The mount uses four oil-filled spring-loaded shock absorbers.

Interchangeable Cameras

Dragonflyer X6 can accommodate a number of different camera types, ranging from digital still camera to Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR).

Wireless video system

Still not awesome enough for you? How about wireless real-time video streaming to the video goggles or a recording device!

Telemetry Software

The X6 comes with software for remotely configuring and Dragonflyer X6, and calibrating the magnetometer for different geographical locations.

Looks like the only option missing is the machine gun/rocket launcher.

The bad news? The system costs between $14,995 and $26,000. So I guess this thing is aimed more at Indy filmmakers and well-heeled peeping toms than casual hobbyists. More details available at Dragonfly's website. They also have a pretty cool library of videos showing off the X6.