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September 16, 2012

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT Review

GPSmagazine Rating: 3 of 5
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Verdict: Good, But Not A Whole Lot Different Than Previous Models

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT
Garmin nuvi 3590 Junction View What's in the box Mounted in the car

The Bottom Line

If you already own one of Garmin's higher-end nuvi models purchased within the last 2 years, the 3590 LMT probably isn't compelling enough to warrant upgrading. If you don't already have a GPS, or are looking to upgrade an older/lower-end model, the 3590 LMT is a solid navigator packed with virtually every feature available on a Garmin GPS: 5-inch screen, traffic, free map updates, multi-touch gesture support, voice command, Bluetooth and much more.

Editor's Note: In order to ensure the highest standards of our reviews, this review was conducted using a Garmin nuvi 3590LMT that we purchased online. This was not a test unit provided by Garmin, nor do we accept any financial consideration from any GPS manufacturers. The content below is based on 2+ weeks of thorough testing and real-world driving using the 3590LMT -- that's the GPSmagazine.com review difference!


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Table of Contents

  1. Unboxing
  2. Installing the nuvi 3590LMT in a Car
  3. Navigating with the nuvi 3590LMT
  4. Avoiding A Specific Road
  5. Traffic
  6. Exit Services
  7. Finding An Address
  8. Finding A Restaurant
  9. Pedestrian Mode
  10. Smartphone Link
  11. Pros
  12. Cons
  13. Conclusion

1. Unboxing

Garmin nuvi 3590 LMT Retail Box
Figure 1: Garmin nuvi 3590 LMT Retail Box

I ordered my 3590LMT on Amazon.com, and this is retail boxed version that arrived..

What's In The Box
Figure 2: What's In The Box

Garmin's nuvi 3590 LMT ships with the following items in the box:

  • Garmin nuvi 3590 LMT
  • Vehicle suction cup mount
  • Vehicle power cable with built-in traffic receiver
  • mini-USB cable
  • Dashboard disc
  • Quick start manual

Garmin nuvi 3590 LMT, Front
Figure 3: Garmin nuvi 3590 LMT, Front

Garmin's nuvi 3590 sports a larger 5-inch (measured diagonally) screen. Compared to the 4.3-inch screen found on other Garmin nuvi models, the 3590 looks and feels noticeably larger.

However, it's worth mentioning that while the LCD screen size is larger, the resolution is unchanged at 800 x 480. That means you're not seeing any more mapping data per screen, for example, but rather the same 4.3-inch map screen blown up to 5-inches. The result: a slightly less crisp looking display than the 4.3-inch models with the same screen resolution.

Except for the power button on the top of the device, there are no physical buttons or controls on the 3590. Like other nuvi models, all functions are performed via the color touchscreen.

Garmin nuvi 3590 LMT, Back
Figure 4: Garmin nuvi 3590 LMT, Back

Garmin nuvi 3590 LMT, Bottom
Figure 5: Garmin nuvi 3590 LMT, Bottom

The bottom of the nuvi 3590 is home to the vehicle dock connector. There is also a micro-USB connector that can be used to connect the nuvi to a computer for software or map updates.

Garmin nuvi 3590 LMT, Top
Figure 6: Garmin nuvi 3590 LMT, Top

The power button is located on the top-left side of the device.

Garmin nuvi 3590 vs Apple iPhone 4
Figure 7: Garmin nuvi 3590 vs Apple iPhone 4

Measuring exactly half an inch in thickness (0.5"), the nuvi 3590 is about 1.5 x the thickness of an Apple iPhone 4.

Suction-Cup Mount and Cradle
Figure 8: Suction-Cup Mount and Cradle

The nuvi 3590 LMT is mounted to the vehicle's windshield using a suction-cup mount and cradle, shown above.

Windshield Mount USB Power Connector
Figure 9: Windshield Mount USB Power Connector

The mini-USB connector on the back of the mount provides power to the GPS. The powered windshield mount will provide power to the device whenever it's docked

Garmin GTM 35 Vehicle Power Cable with Integrated FM Traffic Receiver
Figure 10: Garmin GTM 35 Vehicle Power Cable with Integrated FM Traffic Receiver

Notice that the vehicle power cable has an integrated FM traffic receiver. The nuvi 3590 includes lifetime traffic service.

Traffic Receiver, Explained
Figure 11: Traffic Receiver, Explained

The included traffic receiver provides free, ad-based traffic information that doesn't require a subscription. The receiver is integrated into the power adapter, so you don't have to worry about connecting any additional wires or antennae to receive real-time traffic data.