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September 16, 2012

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT Review

GPSmagazine Rating: 3 of 5
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4. Avoiding A Specific Road

Navigation Preferences
Figure 27: Navigation Preferences

For many years Garmin's nuvi models lacked the ability to avoid a specific road - an irritating omission that has finally been corrected. The nuvi 3590 LMT now includes the ability to browse the list of upcoming turns and avoid a specific road of your choosing. This is a useful feature if you find yourself stuck in traffic and want to get off the current road, or if you know a road will be problematic and want to override the GPS' selected route.

However, by default, this handy feature is disabled. To turn it on, touch Settings > Navigation > Advanced Detours.

Figure 28: Detour

When navigating to a destination, tap the 3-bar icon in the lower right area of the map screen, and select Detour from the menu.

Advanced Detours
Figure 29: Advanced Detours

With the Advanced Detours function enabled, in addition to the regular detour options, you can now choose Detour by Road(s) on Route.

Detour by Road(s) on Route
Figure 30: Detour by Road(s) on Route

Tap the road you want to avoid. Note that there is no confirmation screen - the route is immediately re-calculated after you touch the road you want to avoid.

5. Traffic

Traffic Notification on Map Screen
Figure 31: Traffic Notification on Map Screen

The nuvi 3590 LMT includes free traffic service for the life of the device, as indicated by the "T" in the nuvi model number.

Traffic data allows the GPS to evaluate current traffic conditions, and automatically optimize the route for the shortest time. If a traffic delay occurs along your route, the nuvi can automatically calculate a new route to avoid the problem.

Traffic Alerts
Figure 32: Traffic Alerts

The traffic icon on the map changes color to indicate the severity of the delay, as shown above:

  • Green - Traffic is flowing freely
  • Yellow - Traffic is moving, but there is a delay. Moderate traffic congestion
  • Red - Traffic is not moving or moving slowly. Severe delay

Note that the GPS will only calculate a new route if a better route is available. So in some cases, you'll still get routed through a known traffic jam is no alternate route exists.

Additional details about traffic conditions can be viewed by tapping the traffic icon on the Map.

Traffic up to Date
Figure 33: Traffic up to Date

Garmin GTM 35 Vehicle Power Cable with Integrated FM Traffic Receiver
Figure 34: Vehicle Power Cable with Integrated FM Traffic Receiver

The traffic receiver is built-in to the vehicle power adapter (the long square thing in the cable shown above).

When plugged in, and in an area that can receive traffic signals, the nuvi 3590 LMT will start receiving traffic data. Unlike some other models, you don't need to activate a subscription or register the device in order for the traffic feature to work.

Traffic Details
Figure 35: Traffic Details

Traffic alerts along your planned route are highlighted on the map, and the estimated time delay is displayed.

Alternate Route
Figure 36: Alternate Route

If there is traffic along the planned route, the nuvi 3590 LMT will offer several alternate routes, if available, and display current traffic conditions along each possible path. In the screenshot above, Route A is 3 minutes longer than Route B.