VW’s Golf R Touch Sports A Massive 12.8-Inch Touchscreen GPS

VW Golf R Touch

Volkswagen showed off it’s Golf R Touch concept car at CES in Las Vegas last week, complete with a massive 12.8-inch touchscreen ultra HD display (whopping screen resolution of 2560×1700 pixels).

The screen has haptic feedback and all controls are operated via touch.

Sadly, no word from VW yet on if/when we’ll be able to actually buy the Golf R Touch, or how much it will cost.

Garmin’s New Epix GPS Watch Is Awesomely Retro

Garmin Epix GPS Watch

Garmin unveiled their new rugged outdoor GPS watch at CES last week.

A mapping watch for outdoor enthusiasts, epix sports a 1.4” high-resolution color touchscreen, comes pre-loaded with worldwide shaded relief basemaps, and includes a 1-year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery.

The watch has 8GB of on board memory for installing additional maps, has an altimeter/barometer/compass, supports both GLONASS and GPS, and is compatible with ANT+ sensors like heart rate monitors and Tempe temperature sensors.

Epix retails for $549, and is available for pre-order now via Garmin’s website

Meet Vívoactive – Garmin’s New GPS-Enabled Smartwatch

Garmin vívoactive

Garmin continues to push beyond traditional vehicle GPS devices and this week launched their new GPS-enabled smart watch, vívoactive.

The watch has modes for running, cycling, swimming, golfing, & walking, and can also alert you to incoming phone calls, social media messages, and emails.

Garmin says the battery can last up to 3 weeks between charges in “activity tracking” mode, or up to 10 hours with the GPS turned on.

Vívoactive will retail for $250, or $300 with a heard rate monitor included.  Available 1Q 2015.  More details available via Garmin

This Is What It Feels Like To Shoot A Laser Guided Rifle

TrackingPoint ShotViewTrackingPoint’s new ShotView Laser Guided rifle system was on display at CES, and by all accounts it’s pretty awesome.  Among other lethal enhancements, the system separates the shooter from the sights, displaying target information on nearby wifi devices like iPads or iPhones, or Google Glass, and mathematically calculates windage, drop, etc. to turn even the worst shooter into a sniper.

The company makes a range of rifle systems that start at just under $8,000 and go all the way up to $30K+.

Engadget got to test fire it and has a good write up on the whole ordeal experience – read all about it here

Everything You Need To Know About Indoor Location & iOS 8

iOS 8 Indoor Positioning

Back in March 2013, Apple acquired WIFISLAM, a company that specializes in using indoor WiFi for indoor positioning.  By “fingerprinting” a building, or walking through it with a WiFi enabled smartphone, the technology can measure the strength of various WiFi access points and then use that data to triangulate the indoor position.

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New Yorker Features GPS Cartoon

The current issue of the New Yorker (Jan 5, 2015) features a great cartoon with the caption, “Until there’s a reason not to trust the G.P.S., I’m trusting the G.P.S.”

“Until there’s a reason not to trust the G.P.S., I’m trusting the G.P.S.”
“Until there’s a reason not to trust the G.P.S., I’m trusting the G.P.S.”

Via The New Yorker

Russian Startup Livemap is creating a Motorcycle Helmet with GPS & HUD


Russian startup Livemap has announced plans to begin selling a motorcycle helmet with integrated Heads Up Display (HUD), complete with GPS navigation and voice control.

According to TechCrunch, Livemap will unveil their prototype in the Spring, and will be selling the device in the United States in the summer of 2015.  Now word yet on pricing.

Via TechCrunch